10 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the most important representation of your professional brand and should be curated with all seriousness.

In this article, we will explore 10 ways in which you can improve your LinkedIn profile and take it to the next level.

Curate Your Groups

Joining LinkedIn groups is a simple way to reach a lot of people within a particular network. Your contributions within the group help to foster collaborations that will improve your brand and grow your business.

This activity can soon be overwhelming, so you should take your time to join groups relevant to your interests.

As an additional tip to improve your LinkedIn profile, spend some time deleting groups you feel are irrelevant but are already part of.

Update Your Current Responsibilities

Improve your LinkedIn profile by updating it with your current activities such as your job, school, etc. Make sure that no information of your professional or educational history is outdated. Change it as soon as it happens in real life.

Filter Skills

Ensure that your strongest and most relevant skills are captured and are at the top of the list you provide. A skill like “googling” which is common should not be at the top of your list. In your efforts to improve your LinkedIn profile, be strategic with the presentation of your skills.

Customize your LinkedIn URL

Improve your LinkedIn profile by personalizing your LinkedIn web address. Changing the long random web address into another that contains your name makes it so easy for people to find you. This also contributes to your ranking on search engine results for your niche.

Ask for a Recommendation

LinkedIn’s recommendations are ways of letting people you work with talk about your awesomeness to others. These people act as referees and contribute to the image people who come across your profile will have of you. Some recruiters may hire you based on the word someone they admire put in for you.

Choose A Great Profile Photo and Background

A profile with a profile photo is more likely to be viewed than one without it. Add a profile photo, which should ideally be a headshot of only you.

You can then add a background image representing your brand or business industry. Both images should be professional; clear and simple.

This is a classic tip to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Follow The Right People

The people you follow will determine the kind of content that appears on your timeline. To make sure you receive relevant information about your industry and general interests, make sure you follow the right people.

Don’t Neglect Your Headline

Use your headline to tease people into finding out more about you. Your headline should capture your activities and capabilities in very few words, just enough to leave an impression on whoever reads it.

Update Contact Information

You can improve your LinkedIn profile by simply adding contact information you already have out on the web. The difference is that LinkedIn converges all of them into a panel, simplifying how people interested in your profile can get in touch with you.

Don’t miss great opportunities due to bearers being unable to reach you.

Regular Content and Engagement

Try to post regular content and engage with others. This will improve your LinkedIn profile by keeping it active and interesting to others.

Follow these tips and many others to improve your LinkedIn profile. Browse our website to learn more tips.

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