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4 Advanced Lead Generation Strategies To Drive Sales For Your Online Business

You may be missing a lot if you’re not generating leads in your business. No wonder successful companies devote more than 50% of their budget towards that effort. It‘s easy and can be automated. You can either do lead generation yourself or have a lead generation company do that for you. However, there could be issues with the latter approach. Most leads are oversold, over-recycled and so are not quality leads. But you can also get it wrong if you don’t do it right too. In this guide, you will discover advanced lead-generation strategies that you can start using today.

Generate Lead Using Quizzes

One of the effective ways to lead-generation business is by using quizzes because quizzes enable you to pre-qualify leads before even adding them to your sales strategies pipeline. When done right, you can boost conversions by up to 70%.

Here are the reasons.

  • Quizzes enable you to segment your subscribers based on preset questions so you can know which leads to prioritize.
  • Additionally, you also know which leads to move higher up the sales funnel and which ones require a different offer or a different creative.

The good news is that you can start creating quizzes for free with a tool like Jotform. However, if you want advanced functionalities you can go for alternative options like Leadquizzes.

Online quizzes boost conversions by more than 70%

Capture Quality Leads Based on Behaviors

If you want your email lead generation campaigns to work for you then you will want to work with automation that will drive data from your prospects’ behaviors.

Traditional lead generation strategies usually involve working with a lead magnet and then hosting it on a sales page and prospects will have to submit their contact details to access the content. The lead magnet could be in the form of an ebook a webinar or a video.

But guess what, anyone could download your ebook, and may not even be interested in purchasing from you (low-quality lead). Similarly, anyone could watch the video on your sales page or attend your webinar for just a few seconds and still not interact with you anymore.

So, how do you determine quality leads?  

How do you separate those with greater potential to become clients and those who are not? 

The secret is in knowing certain behaviors that differentiate good prospects from bad ones. This can be achieved by setting certain triggers on your sales pages.

For instance, if you have a video on your sales page, you could set up a trigger that segments those who watched the video for up to 10 minutes from those who watched the video for just a few seconds or just a few minutes.

This enables you to segment your list based on their behaviors. Based on their behaviors, you already know the kind of nurturing campaigns to send to your segments.

A pro tip: Those who watched your video for more than ten minutes are probably more interested than those who watched it for just a minute.

Create Call-only or Appointment Ads

This is especially great if you run a service-based or coaching business. Usually, these services are high-ticket so you want your lead generation to be more intentional. Hence, you will want more intentional prospects. What better way to do that than with phone calls or appointments?

With call ads or appointment ads, you’re only getting prospects from those who are interested. Those with higher intent. With this strategy, you have more opportunities to close them right on the phone or via a Zoom call. 

Furthermore, the process is scalable. That is, you can have a team of appointment setters, and teach them how to close prospects via a call. You will need tools like Calendly, and Zoom to schedule and host the meeting respectively. Fun fact, these tools are free.

Schedule appointments using Calendly

Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

If you want premium and qualified leads to flow into your business, then you need to include LinkedIn in your lead generation strategy. You can do this in two ways. The cheap way or the $79 way. But nothing stops you from combining both.

The first strategy involves joining groups based on your niche. If you build websites, and SEO for dentists for instance you will want to join as many dentists’ LinkedIn groups as possible.

Think about what is most important for dental practices – generating new patients! This will involve getting more appointments within their community/state. The next thing is to start sharing content, case studies, and content on how to grow their practice.

Create free video content about client acquisition techniques using advanced funnel marketing strategies. In the video, or landing page hosting your video, be sure to put your contact details so they can book an appointment with you.

Why are you sharing free content?

You’re showing them what they can do to grow their clients to spark a curiosity in them so they can reach out to know how they can do it. You know how they can do it and that is what they’re paying for in your packaged offer that is represented in setting up their client acquisition system for them which is represented as SEO, PPC, funnels, emails, and websites.

The $99 approach also uses this strategy, but the difference is that you have to pay for the premium Linkedin Sales Generator plan. It costs $79 per month per user for the basic plan as at the time of writing this article. It has advanced search features for you to be able to quality prospects better.

For instance, you can search prospects based on the last time they posted on Linkedin, their company size, revenue, their position in their business. Then you want to send them connection requests or even InMails. LinkedIn InMails are 2.6 times more effective than regular emails.

Final Words

Every business needs business leads regardless of its size. Your list is your greatest marketing asset. Imagine if you could convert at least an average of $1 per lead per month. If you have just 10,000 leads then that’s $10,000 per month. Similarly, 100,000 leads equate to $100,000 per month. What if you increased your average conversion per lead per month to $5 for 100,000 quality leads…..? 

Lead generation begins with having a thorough understanding of your target audience. When you know that, you will understand how to convert potential customers into leads. Every digital marketing effort in your business should be geared toward generating new business leads. Your blog posts, content marketing efforts, and inbound marketing strategies should have lead generation in mind.

No matter the products or services you’re selling, there’s a target audience for you. If you own a SaaS, you can offer a free trial to start collecting contact information (such as an email address) as leads so you can engage with your prospects.These are the exact strategies we use to help businesses generate new leads as Lead Nicely. Truly, the money is on the list!

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