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How Flodesk is Leading the Email Marketing Industry

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Email marketing is an effective way to reach your audience and engage them more deeply. Whether you’re just getting started in business or are a seasoned entrepreneur, email marketing is something we highly recommend using.

Studies have found that social media isn’t as effective for engagement with customers compared to email marketing. In fact, email marketing tops social media in terms of audience engagement by 4x!

But here’s the thing: there’s still that feeling of uncertainty and hesitation among many people when it comes to diving into the world of email newsletters and messaging lists.

Today, we are looking at how best to use email marketing successfully.

Email is a powerful tool that can be used to communicate with your audience. According to research by Ofcom, up to 85% of adult internet users in the US use email. This is higher than search engines by 15% and way higher than social media by 22%. Email certainly has potential!

Social media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, and this can make it difficult to compete with. This doesn’t mean that you need to choose one over the other. However, combining email and social media ensures that your audience is better served.

Remember we don’t own our Instagram followers or Facebook fans, but we do own our email list and subscribers.

Email marketing with Flodesk

Flodesk is an email building platform that allows users to create awesome emails. Created by two go-getter women, Martha and Rebecca, Flodesk will make it easy for you to expand your business through targeted marketing campaigns aimed at different audiences.

Here’s What Flodesk Offers You

Flat fee every month: You pay a small flat fee every month for unlimited access. This takes away the worry for growth or deliverability concerns.

Custom fonts and image collage: There are so many design options that you can customize your emails as much as you want and they’ll still look great. Even the image-rich templates get high open rates.

Drag and Drop Email Builder: You can start from scratch or use a template to add design elements. There are many options for your email-building pleasure!

Branding: You can use Flodesk to embed your Instagram feed into your email footer with a simple logo upload. No work on your end when you start a new campaign!

Ease of workflow: Workflows can be difficult to set up on other email services, but not Flodesk Mail.

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In Conclusion

To send emails to our audience, we need people’s email addresses. We can do this by inserting a form onto the page so that visitors have an opportunity to subscribe before leaving in return for something of value (i.e., content).

However, it is illegal and considered spamming if we don’t get permission from them first.

With Flodesk, you can choose from three different types of forms: landing pages, inline footers and popups. Landing pages are great for visitors who want to opt into your email list. They’re a free way to get people on board with your brand.

Inline footer form allows you to put up simple call-to-actions that link back to more information about what you do. Popup forms only show when someone visits certain sections or scrolls down past particular points during their visit to your site. This way, subscribers won’t be put off by too many requests.

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