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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile? 10 Easy and Effective Ways

If you’re a business owner, your customers must know about you. As you all know, LinkedIn is one of the best places where you can showcase your personal profile, so thats why you have to improve your profile.

As a business owner, when you expose yourself to your customers, they will develop trust. This is due to psychological factors, and it’s pretty natural!

If you are a working professional, LinkedIn can give you better exposure to employers.So, now, if you’re a business owner or an employee, it’s your duty to showcase yourself on LinkedIn as professionally as you can. In this blog, we have explained 10 easy and effective ways to improve your LinkedIn profile.

1. Choose a Great Profile Photo and Background

People will first notice your profile photo when they see your profile. Thus, if you want people to get a good impression, you must include your profile photo.

Your profile photo should be super professional, and your face should make up 50%-60% of it.

Talking about the background image, it is the second most attention-grabbing element next to the profile picture. In the background image, you can include your brand elements, business niche, personal branding, etc. But, make sure that the photo is high-quality and professional.

2. Post Regularly

As in all social media platforms, you should post regularly to succeed in LinkedIn too. According to Hubspot, you should post 2-5 times per week on LinkedIn.

But, this doesn’t mean you can publish low-quality posts. Note; quality is more important than quantity. So, for your posts to stand out in the news feed, make sure to publish high-quality and valuable content. It is highly recommended that you use attractive elements to make your posts stand out in the news feed.

We hope that you understood how to improve your LinkedIn profile by posting regularly.

3. Follow the Right People

Of course, you can follow random people on LinkedIn. But by following the right people, you can know what the people are looking for in your industry.

Once you gather what the people are looking for in your industry, post content that will attract and benefit them. This will help to improve your LinkedIn profile. 

Also, following the right people in your industry will motivate you to develop yourself or your brand. 

4. Make Effective Use of Headline

The headline is one of the best places in LinkedIn to expose yourself to people. Instead of making the heading a place to mention just your job title, utilize it to expose yourself to people.

In simple words, make your headline in a way that leaves an impression about you on whoever reads it. 

5. Ask for Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are testimonials that talk about your awesomeness. 

Requesting recommendations in LinkedIn is quite simple. From the recommendations section of your profile, you can reach out to the one from whom you want to get the recommendation. 

We highly recommend adding a personalized message because it increases the chance of getting a response. Also, make sure to draft the request for recommendation in the right way. 

6. Draft a Good Summary

Your summary is one of the parts of the first impression elements in LinkedIn. Some professionals or even entrepreneurs tend to ignore the summary part. If you want to improve your LinkedIn profile, you should never make that mistake! 

In your summary, you can tell people a story about yourself, your skills, etc. 

Also, we have a valuable suggestion for you. Before posting the summary, just share it with a few people to know what they feel about it. If you get good comments from the majority, you’re good to go. 

7. Update Contact Information

Do you know? 

You can improve your LinkedIn profile by just adding the contact information you have on the web. The difference is that LinkedIn converges all of them into a panel, simplifying how people interested in your profile can get in touch with you. 

Don’t miss great opportunities due to bearers being unable to reach you. 

8. Make a List of Your Relevant Skills

The skills that are relevant and exciting to you should be at the top of your list. For example, if you’re a writer, a skill like writing is expected, and it should not be at the top of your skill list. Instead, you can include it in the middle or bottom. 

Similarly, as a writer, if you have good creative writing skills, you can include them at the top because not all writers are creative.  

It’s better to make your skill list short because people will get bored if you make a long list of your skills. 

9. Update When Needed

If there is a change in your current activity, such as a change in your business, job, job title, etc., make sure to update on LinkedIn. 

It’s always good to keep your activity up-to-date on LinkedIn as it will improve your LinkedIn profile. 

10. Use 'Buzzwords'

Wondering what a buzzword is? 

Buzzwords are commonly used words on LinkedIn. They are widely used on headlines and summaries. Some of the popular buzzwords include: 

  • Creative
  • Motivated
  • Strategic
  • Expert
  • Innovative
  • Certified
  • Passionate
  • Skilled
  • Focused, etc.

Now, if you want to improve your LinkedIn profile, it’s not just enough to use these words. Instead, you should use these words to describe you and your qualities/skills. 

Bonus Tip: Highlight the Services You Offer

LinkedIn has released a new feature that allows businesses or professionals to highlight their services. 

Say a person is a freelancer. As a freelancer, he can showcase the services he offers in his LinkedIn profile. If he correctly implemented the ways to improve the LinkedIn profile, he can get some clients through LinkedIn by seeing the services he offers.

This feature is our personal best!


We hope that you clearly understood the ways to improve your LinkedIn profile. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, LinkedIn is one of the best places to showcase your personal profile. If you’re a business owner, this will, in turn, help in boosting your sales. If you’re a working professional, LinkedIn can be helpful to you in increasing your employment opportunity.  

So, we highly suggest everyone spend some amount of time to make themselves stand out on LinkedIn!

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