4 Ways To Get Someone’s Attention With Your Emails

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Email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital channel. With emails, you reach a large audience and attention without having to pay for advertising someones. Additionally, email allows you to re-engage people who have a purchasing intention on your brand and remind them of your products long after they signed up.

Even though email allows you to connect with potential clients by sending them direct messages, there is a risk that your email will not be read. This is because the average user receives 12 emails every day.

Today, we’re looking at ways you can use email marketing to get someone’s attention. Let’s get started.

Use a Subject Line That Will Catch Their Attention

To really grab someone’s attention, you need to use a subject line that is creative and interesting. If your subject line is interesting, chances are that the person will open the email.

To keep the subject line interesting, use the tone of voice that will make it sound like a human wrote the email.

Some examples of what type of subject lines might catch someone’s attention include: “Did you see this?” or “Watch this video”. This way, you stir up curiosity in the reader.

Make it Creative and Use Personalization

Email marketing is great for this because you have so much room to work with! You could create an entire series around one topic if you wanted. However, don’t go overboard on creativity as most readers prefer information-dense content over fluff.

Include images in your text when possible. Adding images to your e-mails can be really effective at catching someone’s eye, even before they open the actual email! It does not take up too much space either.

For creativity, Flodesk gives you ready templates for you to just plug in and send to your email recipients.

Write the Email In A Conversational Tone

Emails are a great way to connect with your audience, and the email you write must reflect this. Email marketing should feel more like a conversation than anything else because you are writing to real people who will be reading your emails.

Using a conversational tone is very effective in terms of getting someone’s attention because the reader relates better. Don’t make your emails sound overly formal. A casual conversational voice for your emails will capture and retain your reader’s attention.

When possible, try not to make each paragraph too long or wordy since most readers don’t want something dense when opening their inboxes! Rather, create short and sweet paragraphs full of relevant details on what makes your product so awesome.

Sell Value to the Recipient

Showcasing the value proposition of your product will keep the reader hooked in your email.

For example, let’s say you’re selling different types of widgets. Email your recipients about a product that is designed to help them work faster and more efficiently and provide tips on how they can use the widget in their own lives for better productivity! This way, not only are you providing practical information but also adding value by showing why what you offer matters.

In a Nutshell

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